“Journey to the Top”

By Jamie Crosbie

We are all presented with challenges as we pursue the life of our dreams. So, what separates those stuck at roadblocks from champions who surpass these obstacles? The difference between the two is a matter of mindset. Every tool required to master the trajectory of your life exists solely within you. The first step towards transforming a dream into a reality is making the choice to open your mind to limitless potential. Once that decision is made, soaring towards your goals becomes inevitable.

Inspirational author and entrepreneur Jamie Crosbie guides you towards your ascent to success. Using the Peak Performance Mindset system, Jamie takes you step by step to your journey to the top. Learn how to transform perceived limitations by using proactive introspection to create a plan of action to accomplish every goal. Whether faced with professional or personal challenges, Journey To The Top serves as the quintessential handbook for dream seekers from all walks of life.

“How To Source, Qualify, & Hire Elite Sales Talent”

By Jamie Crosbie & Mike Pierce

Discusses the unique obstacles sales leaders face in sourcing and hiring while providing pointed solutions for successful outcomes. From appealing to millennial prospects to providing innovative methods for incentivization, each chapter explores new strategies to locate the best talent the market has to offer while strengthening teams for long-term growth.


By Jamie Crosbie & Jay Blakey

At Last, a book for sales managers built on real world sales experience. This book offers a fresh, up to date perspective on sales organization fundamentals.
Whether you are a sales manager or an up-and-coming sales rep, this book offers practical advice on sales organization, relational selling and authentic leadership that works.

This book can help you learn how to: