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How Peak Performance Mindset Workshops Help Companies Sell More

Let’s be honest. Sales is a tough field. From constant meetings to ever changing products and services, client challenges and long hours, sales people are constantly battling stress in one form or another. That may help explain why 1 in 10 companies have turnover rates as high as 55%.

The ugly truth is that well over half of all sales team members are likely to be headed for the exit doors at any given time. And here is more bad news for sales organizations, because according to the CSO insights 2015 Sales Compensation and Performance Management Study, only 54.6 percent of sales professionals produce enough revenue to meet quota.

That means a whopping 45.4 % of a given company’s sales team is underperforming!

Now, more than ever, you need people who are ready to stay for the long haul and able to perform like sales slot machines rigged in your favor.

That’s why you need to look to a Peak Performance Mindset Workshop. Based on science, and built for real world sales professionals, the Peak Performance Mindset Workshop can directly improve your revenue goals from day one.

Have you ever wished you could mentally clone your top performers? Take that emotional intelligence, and ability to close, and transplant it into every member of your sales team? Now you can!

Sales Organizations spend the majority of their training time focused on the skillset developments within their organizations However, research has demonstrated that a whopping 80% of all sales success is mindset driven. (Versus skill set driven.)

Studies have shown what sales professionals already know: while a superior product helps, real results are driven by the sales rep’s ability to develop (and keep) a mental attitude that promotes and sustains sales success.

The Peak Performance Mindset Workshop, designed by Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder of Selling Power, helps sales organizations:

  • Set new sales records (more sales team members reaching, or even surpassing their sales goals)
  • Increase emotional intelligence (creating a higher closing rate)
  • Foster a focused and positive sales culture
  • Generate high-impact sales behavior among sales teams
  • Reduce downtime. Happier sales reps sell 38% more
  • Lower turnover rates and decrease sales burnout
  • Lower costs (negative mindsets cost companies and estimated $400 billion per year)
  • Happier reps mean happier clients, which in turn increases overall profit

The simple truth is that happier sales people sell more, stay longer and perform better in all areas.

That’s why Jamie offers 2 hour, half day and full day workshops that can help your sales team improve their mindset so they can close more sales and exceed company revenue goals.

Build a Successful Team That Blows the Roof off of Your Sales Goals With a Peak Performance Mindset Workshop.

The Peak Performance Mindset Workshop is offered in two-hour, half day or full day workshops.

Peak Performance Mindset Workshops Helps Individuals Too

You do not have to be a sales manager to benefit from this sophisticated mindset workshop! Individuals from all walks of life can benefit from a Peak Performance Mindset Workshop.

Success means different things to different people

Maybe you simply want a deeper sense of purpose or to find more meaning in your daily life. Perhaps you want to climb the corporate ladder, or drive the latest fire engine red new sports car. Or maybe you are more comfortable in a tiny house on the edge of a forest.

The simple truth is that no one else can define what matters – what really matters – to you.

Find Your Personal True North with Peak Performance Mindset Workshop.

Whether you want to backpack through Nepal or finally be able to afford your dream home, the art and science of the mindset workshop can help you get there. Peak Performance Mindset Workshop can help you make your dreams a reality.

  • Learn to be more fully present in each unfolding moment
  • Learn to reach your full, undiluted potential
  • Find out how to sharpen your focus and solve problems faster
  • Get the skills to help you fly higher and go further

The only difference between you and those who have achieved more is a state of mind. The Mindset Workshop can help you live the life you really want. Of course, we can only give you the tools. You will have to use them. But if you have the courage to learn, we offer personal coaching and workshops to help you succeed.

Stop wishing and start doing. Click here to find out more about hiring Jamie for a peak performance mindset workshop event near you. Set up a workshop. Get the skills your team needs to excel. Call today.