Peak Performance Mindset

Jamie Crosbie's Peak Performance Mindset workshop combines motivational insights and interactive exercises to unlock participants' potential. It focuses on building resilience, focus, and productivity through peak performance psychology, encouraging attendees to overcome mental barriers and adopt a growth mindset. Aimed at both teams and individuals, Jamie's dynamic sessions provide practical tools for thriving in challenging environments, fostering lasting positive change and improved personal and professional outcomes.


Sales Organization Consulting

Jamie Crosbie's consulting services elevate sales performance through a thorough approach, assessing and refining strategies and sales processes with her extensive experience. She offers tailored solutions, from training and coaching to strategic planning, driving measurable results and sustainable growth for companies in the competitive marketplace.


Sales Leadership Development Programs

Jamie Crosbie's sales leadership programs are designed to develop outstanding leaders for the competitive business world, combining interactive learning, personalized coaching, and practical exercises. These programs focus on strategic decision-making, effective communication, and fostering a high-performance culture, equipping sales leaders with the necessary tools and confidence for organizational success and sustainable results in a dynamic sales environment.


Certified Peak Performance Mindset Speaker
CEO and Founder of ProActivate

An accomplished senior executive with more than two decades of success across sales, sales leadership, talent acquisition and management, Jamie Crosbie is an inspiring and powerful speaker. Jamie understands the complex interplay of strategic scale growth, lead generation, market analysis, sales and business development because she has been there, in the sales management, talent recruitment and training trenches.

​Author of Journey to the Top:  How to Reach Your Peak Performance LifeThe Power of 2, Exponential Sales Leadership,  How To Source, Qualify, & Hire Elite Sales Talent, speaker specializing in Peak Performance Mindset within Sales Organizations, expert in Sales and Sales Leadership Talent Acquisition, Sales and Leadership Training.

​Jamie’s company consults in top sales talent acquisition; strategic planning and executive leadership; business development strategy; and Peak Performance Mindset® Workshops. Having served as Vice President of Training and Development and Sales at Career Builder, as well as being a co-founder of ProActivate, an elite sales staffing company, Jamie understands how to motivate, shape and lead successful teams.